Sunday, January 18, 2015

Magdalen Laundry Monument, Galway City

It is an awkward monument, a reminder to a disturbing part of the history of the city, which many would prefer forgotten. For decades unmarried women and single mothers were incarcerated at the Magdalen Laundry- delivered there by their own families. Society was happy to have them swept under the carpet. Located close to the site of the former Magdalen Laudry and across from the tourist office, plans are afoot to have it removed to a less prominent location.

Make visible the tree
its branches ragged
with washed out linens
of a bleached shroud

Patricia B.Brogan


  1. I will be in Galway next April and would like to pay homage Is the monument still there? If it's been moved, where is it now located?

  2. Hi Sandra. The monument is still there. Hope you got to see it.

  3. Hi. I'm doing some research for a book and would like to have confirmation that the bank in the background is the site of the former laundry. Or am I mistaken? Thank you for your answer. Kind regards.

  4. Hi Nathalie,

    yes indeed it is. Email me if I can be of furtehr assistance.