Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Located in the woods behind the local church at Letterfrack is a cemetery which is a brutal reminder to  a crueler forgotten past. It is the final resting place of boys as young as four who died far home at the Industrial School, a type of Gulag run by the church and supported by the state. Read about those interred here in my book "Gone the Way of Truth Historic Graves of Galway".

My book will be launched in Charlie Byrnes, Galway City on Friday 20 May at 6pm sharp. All are welcome.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fadó is still available!!

Just to let you guys know, my two previous books are still available from the following sites:


From Kennys, one of the biggest independent bookshops in Ireland:

and books.ie  at


Why are they no longer available in bookstores? The problem is that although they sell well, they are self-published which means I have to pay for their publication. This is still poorly regarded in some circles but most authors in the 19th century were self-published. Because I have to pay for their publication, there is only a certain amount I cannot afford to print and cannot therefore supply a large market.

Monday, May 2, 2016

War of Independence Grave in Galway

The grave marker for Cecil Blake, late of the RIC. Read about him and other interesting graves in my latest book Gone the Way of Truth.

monument to the fallen (British army) at Connolly Station, Dublin

Sunday, May 1, 2016

post mortem photo on a tree in Kildare

Post mortem photos are quite rare in Ireland.this one was on a tree at a holy well.go ndéana Naomh Bríd trocaire uirthi.

Airiú, agus  a leanbh ó!
Goidé a  dhéanfaidh me?
Tá tú ar shiúl uaim.
Agus airiú, agus anuraidh 
níl duine ar bith agam.
‘S airiú, agus me liom féin.
Dá mbeithea go mocha gam!
Agus och! Ochón airíu gan thú

Alas, my child!
What will I do?
You are gone from me.
And alas, since last year I’ve no one.
And alas, I’m all alone.
If you could be with me again soon!

Ach och!alas-without you!

An old Irish Caoineadh/lament

The mysterious figure of the reclining lady, popular in certain areas of Dublin. It's meaning is unclear and some houses have one in every window.This example was seen in Carrivksyown on the set of the soap Fair City.

Admiral Brown, founder of the Argentinian Navy